DLS Facilities


DLS Facilities provide more than 23 acres of working land and thousands of feet of proprietary dock space, located in Port of St. Mary and Port Fourchon, Louisiana. The land provides great support for drilling, production, and construction projects and jobs in both the Gulf of Mexico and in the deep waters. Our ports are also in a prime locations to assist in transporting cargo by air and water. HOS Port also provides the additional services of commercial and recreational fishing, and unique sites for attracting tourism and other kinds of recreation.

Over 95% of the day’s work is related to the oil and gas industry in some way. This assists DLS with supplying companies with proper equipment to get the gear, tools, instruments, gadgets, and supplies they will need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

DLS Services and Equipment:

  • Crane, forklift, & labor services for cargo staging & transfer (including tubulars and risers)
  • Secure indoor & outdoor storage
  • Office space/trailer housing
  • Dispatching services
  • Vessel dockage (including lift boats)
  • Vehicle parking
  • 300 ton crane for heavy lifting & salvage
  • Airport and seaport for transportation of cargo & materials
  • Provides a strategic logistical advantage for servicing, repairing, & refurbishing drilling rigs
  • Helicopter ports for easily transporting supplies and material to offshore rigs & vessels