Plug and Abandonment

100-lgDLS is the leading provider of offshore and inland equipment rentals for Plug and Abandonment services for the Gulf Coast. We are a full service Plug and Abandonment company, allowing you to rental all of your equipment from one provider. DLS provides the necessary certified rental equipment and service crewmen for the P&A process. DLS provides work platforms for the plugging process.


Our rental equipment is designed to be both efficient and effective. We supply the equipment necessary for the well Plug and Abandonment process, as well as rig removal and a means to ship your rental equipment. All of our rental equipment is inspected after each use in order to assure proper functionality on each job. Our plug and abandonment services are second to none in the Gulf Coast and we want to show you what we can do. Call us today and find our what makes us the number one name in the Gulf Coast for plug and abandonment services.=

  • Snubbing Towers
  • Marine equipment
  • Barges
  • Work Platforms

In addition to the equipment that we provide, we also provide the services to complete the job. Our service personnel have passed safety training courses, and are qualified in handling the equipment required to complete the job. Our service crews are run by experts with years of experience in the plug and abandonment process.


  • Plug and Abandonment Services and P&A Equipment
  • Build Work Platforms for Plug and Abandonment

Plug and Abandonment Process

173-lgPlug and Abandonment (P&A) is the process of permanently plugging an oil or gas well with cement after a reservoir has been depleted. The process of plugging a well usually involves pumping cement using drill pipe to set a series of plugs that will permanently seal the well before the control equipment is uninstalled. Bridge plugs may also be used in conjunction with cement plugs in order to secure the stability of the plugs and avoid a collapse. P&A is a professional service that requires training, diligence, and a finger on the pulse of the plug and abandonment world. We are always looking at new technologies in plug and abandonment equipment.

The purpose of plugging and abandonment is to ensure that gas or fluids do not seep to the surface once a reservoir is ready to be abandoned. In some cases, more proactive measures need to be taken in order to assure that a well does not collapse. D&L Services is offering incredible plug and abandonment services on the Gulf Coast. We can service your needs and do so with professionalism and a standard of service that stands above all the rest. We’re proud of our services in plug and abandonment and we encourage you to call us today and see why we’re the best in the business.

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