Quarters Barges

DLS provides a variety of quarters barges to meet your offshore living quarters needs. Our fleet of accommodation barges range in size from 90 to 120 feet in length, and can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 35 people. Each DLS quarters barge is outfitted with high capacity generators and other features including full galley rooms, commercial kitchens, TV rooms, laundry rooms, and covered patios for convenience. All DLS quarters barges are equipped with large capacity water and fuel tanks.

View more detailed information about each of our quarters barges below.

Quarters Barge –  “Catherine Claire”

  • 110′ long x 30′ wide
  • Sleeps 34 men
  • 2 x 145 Kw Generators
  • Spuds, Sat System
  • Full Commercial Kitchen

Quarters Barge –  “Ms. Kelly”

  • 120′ x 30′ x 7” Spud Barge with 35′ spuds
  • Sleeps 29 men
  • Full Galley, TV Room & Landry Room
  • 8,400 gallon water capacity
  • 4,000 gallons Fuel
  • 2 x 100 KW Generators
  • Covered Back Patio

To get more information on an accommodation barge, or to inquire about services, contact DLS.