Scrap Metal Processing

117-lgWith a scrap metal processor, you’ll have a solution for getting rid of old equipment by recycling the metal into new and useful parts for better equipment. Metal scraps can be made into new parts, tools, and other equipment. Ferrous, nonferrous, iron, and steel scraps can be recycled with scrap metal processors. Scrap metal processing is also environmentally friendly, which means that you will be saving money as well as treating the environment with respect.

DLS provides the material and supplies required to keep your platforms, barges and machines running efficently and effectively. DLS handles ferrous and nonferrous metals for easy deconstruction of engines, jackets, platforms, and drilling rigs. We also handle electronic scrap parts to assist in taking down control panels and computer stations. Contact us today at 337-924-7444 and see what we can do for you.